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  Feb.3-5 立春 Spring Begins
  Beginning of spring,temprature rises and nature wakes. Spring belongs to Wood in the Five Elements, correspongding to Liver in the Five Internal Organs, more pungent food and less acidic food to care liver.
  Feb.18-20 雨水 The Rains
  Rain more and temperature higher, nurse and harmonize Liver and Spleen, more outdoor activities to prevent being spring sleepy.
  Mar.5-7 惊蛰 Insects Awaken
  Thunder appears and insects awaken, warm clothing and exercises help to cope with changeable weather, drink more water
  Mar.20-22 春分 Vernal Equinox
  Day and night half split, or half Yin and half Yang, be aware to balance Yin and Yang, light food to clear body heat and toxic, warm and invigorate Yang Qi
  Apr.4-6 清明 Pure Brightness
  Sky is clear and scene on the earth is bright, Yang rises, tonics not recommended, lite food to release high blood pressure
  Apr.19-21 谷雨 Grain Rain
  Temperature rises rapidly and varies greatly, be sure to keep warm, prevent neuralgia, more vegetable to release the internal heat
  May.5-7 立夏 Summer Begins
  Belongs to Fire in the Five Element, correspongding to Heart in the Five Internal Organs, drink more water to release internal heat, special care for heart
  May.20-22 小满 Grain Buds
  Humid weather, pay attention to prevent measles, bland diet such as beans,cucumber,locus root, less meat and seafood
  Jun.5-7 芒种 Grain in Beard
  Humid and hot weather, prevent infective disease, get enough sleep, nap at noon and sports recommended,self mental care, lite diet.
  Jun.21-22 夏至 Summer Solstice
  Longest day-time and hot weather, good time to treat winter diseases, pranayama and meditation needed, more water and vitamins,necessary salt taking,relieving summer-heat to eliminate heart-fire.
  "白天最长,天气炎热。人体阳气最旺,适宜冬病夏治。补充水分和维生素,增加盐分摄入。调息静心,解渴消暑降心火" 。
  July.6-8 小暑 Slight Heat
  Hot weather with storm, easy to get digestive disease for weak function of the stomach, More care for food hygiene, conservative Yang Qi of heart
  July.22-24 大暑 Great Heat
  Hottest time of the year, many rains, take Yin-nourishing food to avoid summer heat hearts Body Fluids, prevent heatstroke and inappetence, light food and enough rest
  August.7-9 立秋 Autumn Begins
  Beginning of autumn, autumn belongs to Gold in Five Elements, corresponding to Lung in the Five Internal Organs, Lung like moisture but hate dryness, more acidic fruits and vegatable to cope with dry weather, stomach and linger care to get away from autumn cool.
  August.22-24 处暑 Stopping of Heat
  Temprature drops slightly but summar heats remains, adjust sleeping time, heat-clearing food is suitable.
  September.7-9 白露 White Dews
  Weather gets cool, prevent otolaryngologic disease and disorder of the bronchi,especially for allergic ones, more food of nourishing yin and moisturizing the lung is beneficial.
  September.22-24 秋分 Autumn Equinox
  Day-time and light-time is equal, health care for Yin-Yang balance, optimistic psychotherapy to countervail bleak scene, maintain vigour1, nourish Yin and reliev Dryness.
  October.8-9 寒露 Cold Dews
  Weather turns cold and changes obviously, Yang decreases while Yin rises in body, keep warm, take light and nutritious food.
  October.23-24 霜降 Hoar-Frost Falls
  Low temprature, mild tonification, more lung care to prevent respiratory diseases , eat pear,apple,olives,onions..
  November.7-8 立冬 Winter Begins
  Temprature drops rapidly, "winter begins, tonic5 practices", more high carolie food to keep power, more vitamins, preserve Yin and Yang.
  November.22-23 小雪 Light Snow
  Weather is chilly and haze, do more outdoor activities to prevent blue mood, soothe nerves and regulate breath, eat more fruits and vegatables.
  December.6-8 大雪 Great Snow
  Frosty air, good season for nourishing, prevent esthma, more body exercises to build up health, keep up spirits, modify diet.
  December.21-23 冬至 Winter Solstice
  Yin Qi comes to it's extreme, Yang Qi buds, waether is cold, internal Yin rising, keep warm and supplement high carolie food in time.
  January.5-7 小寒 Slight Cold
  The coldest time of year, protect against the bitter cold,saying " build up health in winter, have no disease coming year", nourishing Yang and store essence, warm and invigorate Qi, blood, Yin and Yang that impaired in winter.
  January.20-21 大寒 Great Cold
  Shivery weather, harmonize Qi and Blood, prevent cardiovascular disease.