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大学体验英语(二) unit7 Passage B 课文翻译 详解 练习及答案

Love Works a Miracle      


 “There goes Cruiser again,” thought Cindy Dunlop when she heard a splash in the family swimming pool. Cruiser, a springer spaniel, frequently jumped into the pool just for fun. Cindy was in the garage around the corner from the patio. She was talking on the phone to a friend who had called to chat.  

 But suddenly Cindy sensed that something was wrong. The splash she had heard was followed by dead silence. Quickly Cindy said goodbye and hung up the phone. She hurried around the corner and saw—to her horror—her 17-month-old daughter, Kyla, floating face down in the 15×30-foot pool. Cruiser was running back and forth along the edge of the pool, trying to save the child by grabbing Kyla’s clothing with his teeth. 
 Most mothers would have simply jumped into the pool and pulled their child to safety. But Cindy Dunlop was not like most mothers. She was paralyzed from the chest down as a result of an automobile crash 12 years before. Because of her disability, Cindy had been forced to adjust to life in a wheelchair. At 90 pounds, Cindy swam regularly for physical therapy but needed assistance getting in and out of the pool. 
 Now, on October 7, 1986, Kyla’s life rested in her mother’s hands. Cindy didn’t have time to phone for help. There wasn’t anyone nearby, anyway. The Dunlops lived in the isolated desert town of EI Mirage, California. Cindy’s husband, Ron, had gone off to work several hours earlier. The nearest rescue squad was 25 miles away. And the nearest neighbor was half a mile down the road.  
Knowing she couldn’t grab Kyla from the edge of the pool, Cindy had only one choice. She drove her wheelchair straight into the chilly water. As the chair sank, Cindy began to swim over to Kyla, who was still floating, face down, 25 feet away. When Cindy reached her daughter, she managed to flip her over. Then she grabbed her and towed her to the edge of the pool. Kyla’s eyes were closed and her lips were blue. She wasn’t breathing.  
 Frantic with fear and panic, Cindy tried to lift Kyla up and out of the water while holding onto the edge of the pool with one arm. “She was so limp and heavy, I couldn’t,” she later said. 
 Cindy realized she would have to find another way to get Kyla out. She took a deep breath and let herself sink to the bottom of the pool. With her arms under Kyla’s body and her fingertips gripping the edge of the pool, Cindy used her head to push the child upward. She managed to lift Kyla out of the water, but couldn’t get her over the edge onto the concrete. When she tried, the little girl fell backward into the pool. 
 Desperately, Cindy kept trying. Finally, by keeping her head straighter, she was able to roll Kyla up and out of the water. Then, propping herself up on her elbows at the edge of the pool, Cindy reached out and turned Kyla toward her. Her daughter still wasn’t breathing. With fear gripping her heart, Cindy pinched the child’s nose shut and began puffing short breaths into her mouth.  
At first, there was no response. Again and again Cindy puffed breaths into Kyla’s mouth. Finally, Kyla’s body lurched, and she began to cough and spit up water. Then the little girl started to cry. “It was the greatest thing in the world to hear that scream,” Cindy said.  
Cindy called 911, and she and Kyla were rushed to a hospital. Cindy’s feet, elbows, and hands were badly scraped from crawling across the concrete. Kyla, however, was fine. Before long, she was giggling and playing as if nothing had happened.  



1. Spring Spaniel

Springer spaniel is a breed of dog with large ears which hang down.
2. California

California is the third largest state in the United States. It has, among the 50 states, the greatest number of national parks and national forests. Its annual farm output is greater in value than that of any other state. California has more people than any other state and more automobiles, more civil aircraft, and more students enrolled in universities and colleges.

3. 911

Nine-one-one is a three digit telephone number which can provide the American public with direct access to an emergency answering center. It is the number that has been designated for reporting an emergency and requesting assistance in many communities in the United States that have modified their existing emergency reporting systems to accommodate the number. Nine-one-one is thus intended to become a nationwide emergency telephone number, as a public service with the primary objective of preserving life and property.



1.splash: sound, spot, mark made by hitting an amount of water
  Examples: He jumped into the swimming pool with a splash.

2. sense: feel; be vaguely aware of; realize
  Examples: He sensed his proposals were unwelcome.

3. around the corner: very near
  Example: She lives just around the corner.

4. horror: great shock or fear
  Examples: The crowd breathed in horror as the space craft exploded.

5. back and forth: to and fro; backward and forward
  Examples: The animal kept running back and forth, trying to get out.

6. paralyze: cause (some or all of the body muscles) to become uncontrollable or stiff
  Examples: He is paralyzed as the result of a would-be assassin’s bullet years ago.

7. as a/the result of: because of; therefore
  Examples: Three people have already died as a result of the traffic accident.

8. disability: lack of ability (to do something, for doing something); being disabled
  Examples: He was conscious of his disability in this direction.

9. adjust: make or become suited (to new conditions); adapt
  Examples: You can’t see through a telescope unless it is adjusted correctly to your sight.

10. ...Kyla’s life rested in her mother’s hands: ...Kyla’s life depended on her mother’s ability to rescue her.
in one’s hand: in one’s control

11. isolate: put or keep sb./sth. entirely apart from other people or things from others
  Examples: Several villages have been isolated by the lack of buses.

12. rescue: save (from harm or danger); set free
  Examples: He rescued his stamp collection from the burning house.

13. hold onto: not let go of
  Example: The climber held onto the rock until the rescuers reached him.

14. limp: lacking strength or stiffness
  Examples: The heat was too much for her; she went limp and fell to the ground.
  Her hand felt limp and damp.




change slightly, especially in order to make right or make suitable for a particular purpose or situation 使适应,调整


in spite of everything 无论如何


cool or cold enough to cause shivering 冰冷的


move slowly on the hands and knees 爬


(the outer point of) the joint where the arm bends 肘部


often 经常


take a very tight hold (of) 握紧


lacking strength or stiffness 软沓沓的


move with irregular sudden movements 抽动




press tightly and usually painfully between two hard surfaces or between the thumb and a finger 掐


support or keep in a leaning or resting position 把···靠在···上


blow quickly and with difficulty 短促而有力地吹气


predictable or at regular times 定期地


hurt or damage by rubbing roughly against a surface 擦伤;刮坏


throw out (liquid or other contents ) from the mouth with force 吐


a splashing act, movement, or noise 飞溅(声)

springer spaniel



a group of people, usually highly trained, working as a team 班;小组

△ tow   v. pull(especially a vehicle) along by a rope or a chain 拽



  “肯定又是克鲁索,” 辛迪·邓洛普听到家庭游泳池方向传来落水声,这样想。克鲁索是只西班牙猎犬,经常跳进游泳池玩耍。辛迪在院子拐角处的车库里,正和朋友打电话聊天。










Exercise 1: Reading Comprehension

1.Decide whether each of the following statements is true or false based on the information in the reading passage. Write "T" for true or "F" for false in the space provided.

T F 1. Cruiser, the family dog, liked to chase Cindy's little daughter Kyla for fun.
T F 2. Cindy knew that something was wrong when she didn't hear anything after the splash.
T F 3. Cindy swam regularly in the family swimming pool to keep fit.
T F 4. Cindy was not able to lift Kyla with one arm because the little girl was limp and heavy.
T F 5. Cindy brought Kyla back to life by puffing breaths into her mouth.

Anwser:   1.F,   2.T,   3.T,   4.T,   5.T


Exercise 2: Answer

2.Answer the following questions with the information you obtain from the passage.

1. What was Cruiser doing when Cindy came out?

2. What was special about Cindy?

3. Did she call for help when she found her daughter in great danger? Explain.

4. How did Cindy feel when Kyla finally started crying?

5. What does the story tell us?

    Reference Key:
1. He was trying to save Kyla by grabbing her clothes with his teeth.
2. She was disabled, paralyzed from the chest down.
3. No. She didn't, because she had no time. Besides, there was nobody nearby to help.
4. She felt extremely excited.
5. Open


Exercise 3: Words

3. Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

 pinch  anyway  crawl  adjust  chilly
 scrape  regularly  grip  frequently  spit

1. It was raining but they played the game (            ) .  
2. He took one sip of the wine (            )and  it out, for it tasted a bit sour.
3. (            ) to the tropical heat was more difficult than they had expected.
4. As he is out of work these days, we should certainly visit him (            ) to cheer him up.
5. Their relationship was decidedly (            ) after the argument.
6. If you do not go to school (            ) , you will not learn your lessons properly.
7. Anne felt helpless, only able to wipe her mother's face and (            ) her hands, praying for some relief for her.
8. We both kept (            ) ourselves to prove that it wasn't all a dream.
9. He (            ) his car when he drove through the narrow gate.
10. Don't you worry if your baby seems a little reluctant to (            ) or walk. Sooner or later, she'll pick it up.

Anwser:   1. anyway 2. spat 3. Adjusting 4. frequently 5. chilly
    6. regularly 7. grip 8. pinching 9. scraped 10. crawl

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Exercise 4: Phrases and Expressions

4. Complete the following sentences with phrases or expressions chosen from the passage. Change the form where necessary.

1. You can't see her now - she is  (            ).
2. He was no longer able to swim  (            ). the fall from the horse.
3. I ran  (            ). along the street until I found the small hidden door.
4. They only live just  (            ). - so we see them all the time.
5. She managed to  (            ). her job when several of her colleagues lost theirs.

Anwser:   1. on the phone 2. as a result of 3. back and forth 4. around the corner 5. hold onto